Permaculture – Self Maintained Ecosystems

Our world is facing a serious problem. There is a very small amount of arable land that is good for farming and without our crops, our own very existence will become endangered. Permaculture is our answer how to prevent that from happening. We need our waters, air, and soil in order to survive. Permaculture and Regenerative Leadership Institute will teach you how to deal with this problem by introducing a new method that gives a whole new approach to our agriculture. Permaculture is permanent agriculture and the main idea is revolving around self maintaining ecosystems that are sustainable by themselves.

The principles of sustainability

Self Maintained EcosystemsOur needs and nature are tightly related. If we manage to find a way how to get everything that we need from nature without harming it, we are already halfway there in solving our problems. Permanent agriculture and sustainable ecosystems are the first two steps in order to do that. We at Regenerative Leadership Institute are trying to find a way that would be beneficial to us all as well as to our future generations. Learning all about permaculture means looking forward to a better tomorrow in a healthy environment. All we have to do is come up with a smart methodology that will be leveled with the world around us.

Permaculture will make the world a better place

Permaculture design course will show you how entire cities can coexist with our nature without polluting the air, soil and water. It means having a long term plan that will show us a way how to stop harming the world around us and still manage to use it for our personal benefits. The first rule of permaculture tells us that we need to find a way to cooperate with nature and learn how to stop polluting our natural habitat by harnessing the power from it. Everything we need lies in the world around us all we need to do is learn how to take it and give it back. Giving back more than you take is one of the main principles of permaculture and that is the main rule of how we can create the world of abundance.

Self Maintained Ecosystems

By applying the knowledge about permaculture to the world around you, we can find the way to grow back the forests or turn the deserts into green fields that will give us plenty of crops. Learn all about how to grow your crops without polluting the soil and how important it is to create the natural equilibrium with our surroundings. Permaculture means caring about


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