My name is Marc Garcia, and I represent the Regenerative Leadership Institute, a place where you can learn and educate yourself about permaculture, a modern approach to the agriculture that implies the laws of nature and respects the natural habitat. I started doing this 15 years ago and this institute is entirely dedicated to a better and healthy environment. Permaculture design course will help you to understand how important it is for mankind to start finding a way to live hand in hand with its surroundings. With today’s fast-paced world, only a few people really know about the state of our planet. It is my duty to raise the awareness about how you can produce all the necessary things for your existence without using the harmful chemicals or any means that can bring harm to our natural ecosystem.

Throughout our whole history, we have learned that there is no life without our Mother Nature. It’s what gives us life along with the Sun. Permaculture is here to teach us how to naturally grow things without polluting our natural habitat.

Things that i write about

I write about caring about the surroundings. Permaculture can be the best solution to an ever growing pollution problem. The basic rule of permaculture says that it is important to find a way to imitate the natural processes that are going on for thousands of years. It is an imperative for all people to understand the importance of permaculture as soon as possible. It is a direct answer to a healthier environment because, without it, there is no life. My blog is entirely dedicated to how permaculture can be helpful to mankind and bring something new and innovative to the production methods of today.

I write about permaculture and how it can change the world we live in. It is the latest response to dealing with pollution of this world. Using all the pesticides and harmful chemicals has led to polluted air, waters, and soil and it is affecting us all.

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