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9 Top Tips On How To Make A Compost Heap

Making a compost heap is not difficult. If you are a beginner when it comes to composting or you merely want to improve your existing heap, here are some tips to help you.

1. Acquire a Decent Compost Bin

You can build or purchase compost bins. If you chose to buy a bin, there are numerous types you can find online.

2. Pick the Perfect Spot For Your Compost Heap Or Bin

An ideal spot for your bin is on a level area with proper drainage to easily get rid of excess water. It also aids the worms in getting in and going on with the breakdown process.

3. Let The Worms Do The Hard Work

Nature has given us an ideal waste disposal unit in the worm. They can live their entire lives in the dark and they love the wet atmosphere of a compost heap consuming the waste material inside and converting it into compost and liquid feed.

4. Put The Right Stuff In Your Bin

Compost BinThere are many ingredients you can use to compost but for the perfect compost, you need to use the right stuff. Some ideal ones include fruit waste, vegetable peelings, grass cuttings and tea bags. They break down fast and offer useful nitrogen and moisture. You can learn more about what things you should or should not add to your bin at Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute.

5. Get The Balance Right

The key to the perfect compost is in getting the mix of the ingredients right. Balance your greens and browns. When your compost is wet you can add some more browns and if it is too dry increase the amount of greens. You should also ensure that the air is enough.

6. Give It a Good Airing

It is essential for you to turn your compost regularly. However it can be a tricky task when you do not have the appropriate tools. Turning the compost aids in aeration and mixes up the waste and cuttings leading to faster composting.

7. Boost to The System

You can also encourage the right enzymes in your compost with a compost activator. It can breathe life into compost heaps that are dead or partly composted.

8. Turn Fallen Leaves Into Compost Too

Fallen leaves are also a great source of compost. You can gather them up and leave them to biodegrade. They will then leave you with a rich pile of perfect compost.

9. Getting the Best Out Of Your Compost

When your compost is ready you should have a dark brown, blackish layer at the base of your bin.


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