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Advantages Of Garden Mulching

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden. It involves placing mulch which is a protective barrier around plants as well as over the soil. The protective barrier is made up of a variety of materials that decompose like wood chips from different tree species such as straw, pine needles and cocoa bean shells. Mulches are also made from non-organic materials like recycled tires, river rock, landscaping fabric, black plastic and pebbles. The advantages of mulching are vast.

Controls Weeds

Mulching helps limit the amount of weeds that spring up in your garden. Mulch works as a barrier so it limits amount of sunlight that finds its way to weed, so weeds are not able to grow.

Retains Moisture

Organic and non-organic mulches absorb water. They cover soil and this limits evaporation. This property of mulches help in retaining moisture which cuts down on your water bill as well as helps your plants especially during hot and dry seasons.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Mulching helps in keeping rain water to prevent rain water from washing away soil. It achieves this by breaking fall of water and this goes a long way in lessening the force when rain water impacts the ground.

Maintains Soil Nutrients

Garden Mulching

Mulch not only keeps soil nutrients from soil erosion but also releases nutrients into the soil. Organic material best maintains soil nutrients. It happens when organic material decomposes slowly on top of soil in your garden.

Control Pests

There are various types of mulch and cedar bark mulch is essential in deterring some pests because cedar park has natural oils that work best as insect repellent. If you want to enjoy this benefit of mulching, make sure you use mulch that has a strong fragrant since it will have greater effect on insects. Note that some mulch types encourage insects to flock to your house and garden; therefore, research thoroughly on the best type that suits your needs.

Encourages Earthworms To Move In

Organic material mulch encourages earthworms to occupy soil in your garden. Earthworms are essential in improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

Polishes Up Gardens

If you want to have your garden polished up then you will never go wrong with mulches. Mulches fill up empty spaces and the best part is that they are easy to maintain. Such fillers also compete for resources with plants in your garden. Therefore, using mulch is easier and it does not compete with other garden plants. You can know more advantages of garden mulching at Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute.

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