What Does Humanity Get From Permaculture

The answer to this tricky question is very simple. A healthy natural habitat, full of green, with fresh water and air and lots of arable lands that will be able to produce twice as much than before. Applying permaculture principles means being able to mimic natural patterns and cycles in order to grow the  crops and get all the necessary materials. It is all about the reinvention of a productive design that will be beneficial to both humanity and nature around it. This is not a simple task but, the first steps are always the hardest. This should become the number one question of today because if all of us do not start paying attention to our surroundings, there will be some serious problems with our future existence. That is why it is very important to understand what permaculture stands for and how we can benefit from it.

Permaculture Means To Imitate Nature

What Does Humanity Get From PermacultureOur race lives on a planet that is rich with land, soil and water. We can use those resources to get everything that we need in order to survive. The moment we started taking much more than we gave back was the moment when all of us started working against our planet, against our world. There is less and less of fresh water and arable lands. Our air is polluted yet there are still people who are cutting down tons of trees each and every day. Permaculture is here as the response from people who still care about this world because they are a part of it. Raising eco and social awareness about the benefits of permaculture will make this world a better place. Hunger problems can be solved. The roots of the trees are cleaning our waters, they are the natural filters.

The most important thing that permaculture will teach all of you is how to become a producer that cares for his surroundings instead of a dependent consumer. That means that we all need to learn how to live sustainably. It only means giving back more than you take. There is only one way how you can do that. Instead of polluting your surroundings, you can rather use it for your own benefits. That is why Regenerative Leadership Institute has come up with permaculture design course, to show you how to get those benefits. The key is in creating self maintaining permaculture systems.

Permaculture – Cause and Effect

What Does Humanity Get From PermacultureThe only effort that we need to make in order to follow the principles of permaculture is the efforts we put in becoming the element of nature itself. Reusing and recycling the materials that were already produced by us is one of the main principles of permaculture. This will help with all that is needed in order to grow our crops. My permaculture scientific blog is here to point out how important it is to realize this as soon as possible and act responsibly when it comes to our natural resources consumption.



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