Regenerative Leadership Institute – The importance of Permaculture

Caring about the world and the condition it is in means caring about all life on this planet. Using chemicals to grow food is harming us as well as our water and soil, which affects all living beings in our world. We at Regenerative Leadership Institute have but one goal, to spread the word about the importance of Permaculture on every corner of our planet. Ecology and nature and tightly related as are we to our natural habitat. That is why we have come up with Permaculture Design Course, where people can get a chance to learn all about permaculture.

Sharing the word and educating people about these natural agricultural processes brings us closer to a better world. There is no need to use the old methods anymore, a new era should begin that will remind us all how important our mother nature is for us all. By finding a way to imitate the natural processes and understanding the basics of permaculture, we are coming closer and closer to that one goal. Over 15 years of experience has thought us that everyone deserves a chance to open their eyes to new ways of achieving the natural equilibrium with our habitat.

Regenerative Leadership Institute will give you all a chance to find out as much as you can about permaculture and how important it is to us and the world around us. Becoming a part of the world means understanding the world and that is the main goal of our permaculture design course. Educating yourself about permaculture means becoming eco aware. Caring about your surroundings should be taken seriously and that is one of the reasons why this course is important. Learn to respect the nature you live in, that gives you so much.


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