The Invention Of Permaculture And Its Significance

Two Australians came up with the term permaculture. They were trying to come up with a way of growing their crops without any chemicals that were potentially harmful to the ecosystem. That’s how they came to an idea to mix two terms, permanent culture and agriculture, in order to get the term Permaculture. Their names were David Holmgren and Bill Mollison. Basically, it means growing your crops by using the methods that are unharmful to your surroundings. That means no pesticides or any kinds of chemicals. They managed to come up with the astonishing results and thus, history was born.

With the creation of this ultimate solution for getting only the best from our soil, their methods proved to be more than successful. There is one most important thing about their approach. They knew that already existing methods are bad for the environment and that uncontrollable consumption has led our world to the shape it is in today. That is why they wanted to design a method that will help with solving that problem. They knew that the key was in sustainability and biodiversity. These were their main ideas before they invented permaculture. Permaculture means learning how to develop an entire ecosystem that is self maintained. Once this secret was discovered, we could start building a better, eco aware world that layed its foundations in a healthy environment.

Permaculture and Sustainability

Invention Of PermacultureBeing agriculturally productive means to come up with a design that will correlate and cooperate with the ecosystem around us. Sustainability means having such designed ecosystem that will allow you to maintain it in order to develop and grow until it is capable of self maintenance. It is all about accomplishing the natural resilience, diversity and stability of natural ecosystems and then, applying those methods on our new permacultural ecosystems. Creating a sustainable ecosystem means creating a sustainable society that will provide the healthier environment, social harmony, personal fulfillment and economic security. That is what it means to create a natural equilibrium with our surroundings. That is the path to prosperity and well being for both us and the world around us.

How to control the consumption of our natural resources

Invention Of Permaculture
Our society is always taking from this world, without ever giving something back. We are used to taking without ever giving a thought about the consequences. For example, when our water supplies run dry, we will not have any more fresh water. Controlling the consumption of our natural resources should be our number one concern. This is where permaculture comes into play. It is our solution how we can control the consumption and make sure that we give something back to nature. Millions of years ago, our planet was a place of sheer abundance because every organism knew how important it was to give back what you take and we can do exactly the same thing if we just put a little effort to it. Permaculture means taking care of future.



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