Permaculture – Basic Rules And Principles

Permaculture is all about production of healthy goods without harming or disturbing your natural habitat. It means that you do not have to kill a whole forest in order to create an arable land where you can grow your crops and get your materials that you need in your everyday life. It is all about respecting the natural cycles that are happening all around you. Regenerative Leadership Institute has only one philosophy and that is the fact that each and every one of us does not need to work against nature but rather team up with it. So, when I say permaculture, I actually mean maintained, supervised and provisioned, self sustainable agricultural productivity.

The Philosophy of Permaculture

Permaculture - Basic Rules And PrinciplesSo, teaming up with nature is the first rule of permaculture because it is much better to go with it than against it. All living things on our planet are put here for a reason and we as its inhabitants have a duty to at least try to understand all of those things in all their functions. My permaculture blog will help you to better understand why permaculture design course is so significant to all of you. As sooner as people start caring about this planet, the sooner changes will come and begin to show. That is why it is important to understand the values of permaculture as a new way of life. Regenerative Leadership Institute and my blog about permaculture are entirely dedicated to this goal.

One of the first steps that will bring you all closer to understanding what permaculture truly stands for is Earth care. It means that all people should make an effort to come up with a strategy that will be productive for us while, at the same time, it will not harm our natural habitat in any way. Making people care for their surroundings is how you can do that. There are countless garbage disposals all over the world. This was a good and fertile soil once, that is now polluted by all that garbage and waste. Instead of contaminating our soil, we should come up with a plan that will turn all that garbage into a fertilizer that we can use for growing more crops. Putting some limitations to the overall consumption of our natural resources would be of great importance too. Turning the waste into manure and organic material is already solving half of the problem.

Zoning and Green Living

Permaculture - Basic Rules And Principles

Zoning is one of the greatest benefits from permaculture. Zoning is knowing which produce is first to ripen. With this knowledge, you can start using your crops in a better way, with minimum losses. Green living is practically what permaculture stands for. It is all about how you can turn natural resources into fertilizers and use them for watering. The main principle is that you do not need any chemical in order to grow any crops, which is completely true. All these things can be really helpful for our future.


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